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Poster It! 1.1

Simple free tool to print your enlarged images on multiple pages
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Poster It! makes it easy to create big size posters of any of your favorite images. It will resize and enlarge your photographs preserving their original proportions and as much of its original resolution and quality as possible. It will then split your image into all the pages necessary to produce a poster of the desired dimensions.

With Poster It! you can now take advantage of the full potential of your digital camera. Today, most cameras are capable of producing high-resolution images in large sizes, which will allow you to create high-quality posters of your favorite shots without compromising any of their original quality. You can also use this tool to create oversized printouts of smaller images, as the program will resize them to fit your poster preserving as much of their original quality as possible. However, both your printer capabilities and the resolution of the input image will determine the level of quality of the final printout.

According to the dimensions of both the input and the output images, the program will show you a grid-like set of lines representing the cuts needed to produce the poster. You can change the scale of your image as many times as needed, and the program will resize the grid accordingly in real time. You can preview the resulting cutouts at any time, and even save them as individual images for later use. The entire process is simple, intuitive, and rewarding.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Clear and simple interface
  • No specific skills required - suitable for all
  • High quality printouts


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